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Vibratory ConvulsionVibratory Convulsion – RuralFaune (2008)

The come back of the French troubadours, « V » and Vincent Fribault (The Cosmic Mandoliners) for new adventures . Midsummer night's music. Monks melodies walk us through a land scape made of guitar sounds like the noise of locusts, where the wind in reeds confused with flutes. Danced with the moon, it's time to vibrate.

Bruno from Ruralfaune

Beyond the Map (split with Aman&AGuitar) –
A beard of Snails (2007)

Cormoran SophistryAkoustik Desease (2007)

to come

Ten ways to get out of the water –
Peasant Magik (2008)

Should we play Naked (split with Architeuthis Rex) –
TavarnKeben (2008)

Lost and Hide Side –
MusicYourMindWillLoveYou (2008)


“Vynil Snails”

“morphic field recordings”
Pacific Soma
Beyond the Map
Cormoran Sophistry
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(française version)
C'est un disque d'octobre. Une musique d'abandon. Comme la saison triste où tout fuit éternellement. Surtout, c'est un disque d'amour. C'est un disque sage, aussi. Pas comme une image. Non, sage comme le Sage qui sait que l'âme voyage, incandescente et belle, mais repasse toujours, dans sa course, plusieurs fois, jusqu'à l'illusion dernière, par son point de départ. C'est, plus prosaïquement, ce soir, demain et après-demain, l'année prochaine et les suivantes, la plus belle musique de tous les temps.

(englikhtonian version)
It's an October disc. A music of retirement. As Season the Sad when everything runs away forever. Especially and above all, that's a record of Love. It's good. Not as good as gold but good as the Sage who knows that soul travels, aglow and nice, but always goes, passes again, in its running, several times, until the final illusion, by its starting point. It is, more prosaically, this evening, tomorrow and the day after, next year and ones to follow, the most beautiful music of all time.