BSBTAVINYL7: v/a: Vinyl Snails - 12" LP
Yet more psychedelic collaborative recordings from more of our international friends on this (needless to say) follow-up/companion piece to 2008's "Vinyl Beards". "Vinyl Snails" is 45 minutes of haunting voices, prepared instruments, battered blues, mesmeric lo-fi pastorale, and semi-controlled ritualist psychosis. Of a limited (mystery) edition in hand stenciled jackets. Tracks from Hunton Quintet, Monks of the Balhill / Pillars of Heaven, Anla Courtis / Paz Levinson, Lee Noyes / Bruno Duplant, vvalter de maria, Century Plants, (VxPxC), Lee Noble / Steve Molyneux, Lars Ro / Sometimes Jasmine.